Sunday, January 10, 2010

Wishful Thinking for Vintage Furniture

Pretty soon my hubby and I will have to move. I am excited and can't wait but here is the dilemma, I want vintage furniture!!!!!!! While hubby loves contemporary designs I sway towards vintage everything. He wants to go shopping for all new furniture and get rid of what we have for a brand new start, well the furniture that we now have is from our old apartment before we brought this house that we have now, which I really can care less for and he can too!! You see my mother had a big influence on my likes when I first moved out and and the designs are more traditional which is fine for some but not for me. We have a red suede couch and a red printed design smaller chair in the living room from Italy which is fine but the kids have since ruined that(two boys). That would be the only piece that we would take but can't even take it now. My hopes and wishes would be from the vintage inspiration that I put together from Polyvore.

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