Friday, August 27, 2010

Beyonce Fashion No No or Yes Yes?

Some will say that this is a fashion no no, but being the fashinista that I am would say YES! LOL maybe not the whole ensemble You have to be a daring person to even pull off something like this. Sometimes my attire is on the edgy side and sometimes it is just like oh that is different. I am very rarely a plain jane unless I am sick and even then I still have a different effect going on. Beyonce is a fashionista and we have to give it up to her to even have the guts to walk outside like this. As a superstar, people are looking for every little wrong that they feel that person s doing.

Best of the Web Style Blog Le'Moore Mention

I am pleased to share that the House of Le'Moore has been mentioned in this fabulous blog that features fashions blogs each week.  It is certainly a site to watch, you can find out deals, wonderful sites to shop from and fabulous reads from bloggers of all over. Check out the post at Be In Style, and enjoy.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Drew Barrymore Sports $25 Vintage Dress

See this is the reason why I looove Vintage Clothing, you can look like a millions dollars and spend $25. LOL. How lovley is that? Drew Barrymore's style is soft and beautiful in this dress that she wore to the Nylon Express Denim Party. I loved the back which was out and tied for a feminine appeal. I love the swirls on this dress and the color is stunning. Drew's footwear is by YSL and the cost is said to be $760.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

30's Style!!! Gotta Love It

Today added to the boutique among many was this lovely black 30's dress. Well I really purchased it for myself, but it was too small for me so off it goes. It sort of reminds me of a matrix dress only because it has a high neck, many darts to show off your curves, and 4 pockets. The material is very odd, a shiny black material but does not feel like polyester or nylon.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Obsessed With Rachel Zoe

I am totally hurt by what Taylor did to Rachel!!!!!!! I knew that Taylor was not going to last in the Zoe camp much longer but wow what a shock. How could you back stab someone that developed you into this world of fashion. Taylor was just mean and selfish and I am glad to see her go. I have never talked about anyone in a bad demeanor on this blog but I just could not help it. Strewing with the financial records, keeping clothes, and totally being condescending to people, is a sure way out the door. Rachel was toooo nice to her all along but it was because she trusted her with the business. I think that Taylor was becoming jealous of Brad and Rachel's relationship, and just could not handle it any longer. Maybe she felt that Rachel was backstabbing her. Who knows! Rodger is there now to keep things under wrap and I think that he will do a great job at it. Now what I don't understand is how he is going to find time manage his own business and Rachel's as well.

All summer I waited for Tuesday night to come for the season premier and it was well worth it. I told my husband that he and the kids could not speak to me, poured a glass of wine (well two or three), with cheese and crackers, and I was set for the night. My best friend and I love love love the show and I will soon have a girls night just watching the past two seasons!!!!