Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Le'Moore Find of the Day

You all know that I love love love vintage and I love love Etsy, so I have decided to post an Etsy pick of the day. These picks will be of something fabulous that I found on etsy, be it clothes, accessories, or furniture.
To start this exciting journey off I picked Prance and Swagger a lovely shop with the cutest finds! I love the Victorian and Edwardian period it evokes mystery. Prance and Swagger have this wonderful piece, a Vintage Victorian caplet or apron, which is ivory silk with lace detailing.

see more at Prance and Swagger click here and enjoy!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Purple Cloud Studio Giveaway

I am elated to announce this weeks giveaway is from a fantastic Etsy shop, Purple Cloud Studio. This shop is ran by Michelle an artist since childhood. Michelle started by collecting shells at the beach and making clam people by gluing them together. Tissue tunics were made for her barbies and furniture from recycled goods. As an adult, Michelle has woven her love for Art and Science together for a special blend of what she refers to affectionately as Michelle-Vision. Michelle says " I love what I do and just want to keep doing it! Having a wonderful family and a profession that you are passionate about is the key to happiness". I could not agree more.
Michelle is happy to show off her work by giving away a pair of beautiful faceted, citrine and white pearl drop earrings. They hang 2 inches long and are on Sterling Silver ear wires.

So how to win is the question..............

1. Visit Michelle's Purple Cloud Studio  and comment on your favorite item or item.
2. Follow the House of Le'Moore Blog
3. Receive a second entry if you blog about the giveaway and leave the link for 2 chances to win.

Entries will be accepted until 10 pm EST on January 29th. A winner will be chosen at random and announced in another post. Enjoy and good luck!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

What I want From Me

Right now I want so many things, so it is hard to sell vintage and wanting to keep everything! I came across this simple but fab dress that I want to keep and throw on some cute pumps or a pair of riding boots. It is navy blue with an ascot tie neck and white square through out the entire dress, simple but cute! Uhh the pressure is too much. It is already up for grabs in my shop so of course I would feel bad to take it back. What is a girl to do?

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

1950's Lace Dress

I had this dress in my goodie collection for over a year now. I don't know why, but I am very attached to it. This dress was in a fashion show and the model looked stunning in it!! I thrifted this dress on one of my visits with my family in South Carolina. When I saw it hanging up I just had to have it, and guess what I can't even fit the dress but it was the point of having a beautiful 1950's cocktail dress. When I glance at this dress I think of Hollywood Glam or the Red Carpet,  it is just so feminine.

don't you just love this darling dress!!!! Will be added very soon to the shop.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Little Black Dress at the Golden Globe 2010

Julia Roberts was seen wearing this short black Yves Saint Laurent vintage dress at the Golden Globe Awards. The little black dress was a hit along with a Van Cleef & Arpels necklace. Every women should have a little black dress in their closet!

pic courtesy of

Lily Et Cie

I am a Jersey Girl, but I love NY, I mean who doesn't? So I love to read the New York Times Fashion and Style Blog, and today I was upset. Well there is a vintage shop in Beverly Hills called Lily Et Cie. Why are people nasty? With all of the madness going on in our society, why be a snob. I feel that whatever you have is here today and can be gone tomorrow. From what the NY Times stated Rita Watnick turns her nose up to people that are not the rich and famous that enters her shop. I know I cannot afford one thing in there but what if I just wanted to admire the vintage pieces that I love so much!!! Is that at all wrong?? With the likes of Penelope Cruz and Renee Zellweger wearing selections from her shop and 30 years in the establishment I guess one can be happy for success, but not at the cost of someone else's feelings.
NY Times Photo

Winner of Black Club HOuse Leather Clutch!!!!

As promised,  I said I would annouce the winner of the Vintage Club House Leather Clutch and here it goes
JoAnn and Nikki (sisters) of the cute blog Sidewalk Chalk. Congrats to both of them, they can share!!!!

Today was a long day, I thrifted and found some fab pieces to add to the Le'Moore collection, measured and took pictures of some goodies that I never got around to. You will see the cutest shoes, a coat and some dresses coming soon, oh and Hollywood Glam Lingerie.

Also wanted to say happy birthday to Martin Luther King Jr. a special person that made history in our country that will never be forgotten.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Shop Makeover

I tried and it is not working for me. What I mean is that I tried with a new mannequin Vonda is her name, she is silver and nicely shaped but she just does not fit into the esthetics of my shop. I really don't know what possessed me to purchase her to be honest. Maybe because I was starting the business over again on Etsy and wanted a new look. Well I am going back to my old dress form mannequin which is what I started off with. I feel that the mannequin Vonda is just too furturistic and my old one (named Mellie today by my best friend Kelly) is a better fit for vintage clothing. So now I am in the process of taking new and old pictures on my mannequin Mellie. My studio is in disarray, but certainly worth it for the love of vintage.

as you can see my lovely Mellie in in front of the clothes racks, getting ready to be used again.

I am adding this lovely 1960's plaid suit to the shop today, here is a sneak peak.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Goodies Added to my Lovely Shop

Today was a short work day for me because my little four year old baby boy had a half of day. When he is home he wants all of my attention (such a mommies boy), and it is hard for me to concentrate on the business aspect of my life. I did have a chance to add a few items today and post about my giveaway.

1950's straw hat

1970's Lettise Clutch

1960's shoe bag

all have been added to the House of Le'Moore Shop

House of Le'Moore Clutch Giveaway!!!

Hello ladies here is another fabulous giveaway courtesy of the House of Le'Moore vintage boutique. Up for grabs is this stunning black leather vintage clutch. From the brand by Club House, Made in Italy. This clutch is in mint condition with a gold clasp for closure, 7" in length and 12" in width. Good Luck!!

P.S. 20% off for all shoppers during this giveaway. Just send me an email with code Le'Moore and I will refund through paypal immediately.

                                                                   Enter to win
1. Stop by the House of Le'Moore Boutique and comment on your favorite item or items

2. Follow the House of Le'Moore Blog
                                       A winner will be chosen Saturday the 16th at 10pm eastern

                                                                 Good Luck!!!

P.S. 20% off for all shoppers during this giveaway. Just send me an email with code Le'Moore and I will refund through paypal immediately.

Feeling Pink These Days

I have a wedding to go to of one of my closest friends on May 23rd 2010 and I want to be pink and girly. I am just having the darnest time figuring out what to wear. I was sitting here on Etsy of course looking for some pink vintage dresses. Since I am a lover of all things vintage, I want to wear a vintage dress for that one of a kind feel. I saved some of the dresses to my favorites for inspiration, but not sure what style I will pick. I am going for that Jackie O Style. Here is what I have found so far.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Winner of the RioRita Giveaway!!!

Well ladies my blog giveaway from the great shop RioRita is now over and we have one lucky winner!! Jennifer who could not decide on which item was her favorite is the lucky winner. Congratulations to Jennifer! Thank you all for participating and please stay tuned for more great giveaways on the blog. The next giveaway will be straight from the House of Le'Moore Vintage Boutique very very soon!!!

Added to the shop today was this cute Blonde Raccoon Fur Coat/Jacket . It is from the 70's and in perfect condition.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Wishful Thinking for Vintage Furniture

Pretty soon my hubby and I will have to move. I am excited and can't wait but here is the dilemma, I want vintage furniture!!!!!!! While hubby loves contemporary designs I sway towards vintage everything. He wants to go shopping for all new furniture and get rid of what we have for a brand new start, well the furniture that we now have is from our old apartment before we brought this house that we have now, which I really can care less for and he can too!! You see my mother had a big influence on my likes when I first moved out and and the designs are more traditional which is fine for some but not for me. We have a red suede couch and a red printed design smaller chair in the living room from Italy which is fine but the kids have since ruined that(two boys). That would be the only piece that we would take but can't even take it now. My hopes and wishes would be from the vintage inspiration that I put together from Polyvore.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Vintage Inspired

I am loving urban outfitters right now at this moment!!! Why, well I will tell you why because of the vintage inspired pieces that they have. I went there today in Montclair NJ (closes one to me) and I found so many pieces I just wanted to buy. Now I really love vintage clothing, but I also love when a store can cultivate vintage wear into modern style. One garment that I am loving is this Pins and Needles Water Color Chiffon Blouse . This blouse reminds me of a 1930's blouse so much that I fell head over heals, it was like love at first site. LOL It comes in a ivory color, polka dot, and floral design to choose from. Take a peak and if you love vintage clothing you will love this blouse too!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Shop Update

I love when I find the perfect items to add to the House of Le'Moore collection! During the holidays I was so sick but I did manage to get out once and when I did boy oh boy was it worth it. Well not really because I was sicker than before I left the house. LOL the price we pay for a passion. Anyway I found pieces that I could not resist and even some new ones with tags as well. I just added some to the shop and more coming today so stay tuned! There is a dress that I stumbled upon that is out of this world but for some reason I can't get it to sit properly on either one of my mannequins so I have to figure out another avenue. But the dress is brown and cream neutrals with tiers of ruffles at the bottom just waiting for the red carpet I wish. LOL Here is a pick of it but it will not be in the shop until a later date girls.

Gown bottom half sneak peak

Just added nwt school girl skirt

 1970's hippie dress

1950's Rockabilly skirt LOVE IT!!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Another Fabulous Giveaway!!!!

Today I am excited to feature a wonderful jewelry shop from etsy called RioRita. The owner Irith is a silver and gold smith and designs one of a kind unique jewelry. In RioRita's shop you will find handcrafted rings, necklaces, and bangles among other pieces to select from. So get ready to enter into this weeks giveaway from RioRita's shop!!!! Up for grabs are these stunning Sterling Silver Domes

To Enter
1. Go to the RioRita shop and pick out your favorite item and comment about why it is your favorite.

2.Follow the House of Le'Moore Blog

Entries will be accepted until 10pm EST on Sunday the 10th. A winner will be chosen at random and announced in another post. Good luck!!!!!!!