Monday, January 18, 2010

Lily Et Cie

I am a Jersey Girl, but I love NY, I mean who doesn't? So I love to read the New York Times Fashion and Style Blog, and today I was upset. Well there is a vintage shop in Beverly Hills called Lily Et Cie. Why are people nasty? With all of the madness going on in our society, why be a snob. I feel that whatever you have is here today and can be gone tomorrow. From what the NY Times stated Rita Watnick turns her nose up to people that are not the rich and famous that enters her shop. I know I cannot afford one thing in there but what if I just wanted to admire the vintage pieces that I love so much!!! Is that at all wrong?? With the likes of Penelope Cruz and Renee Zellweger wearing selections from her shop and 30 years in the establishment I guess one can be happy for success, but not at the cost of someone else's feelings.
NY Times Photo

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