Thursday, January 14, 2010

Shop Makeover

I tried and it is not working for me. What I mean is that I tried with a new mannequin Vonda is her name, she is silver and nicely shaped but she just does not fit into the esthetics of my shop. I really don't know what possessed me to purchase her to be honest. Maybe because I was starting the business over again on Etsy and wanted a new look. Well I am going back to my old dress form mannequin which is what I started off with. I feel that the mannequin Vonda is just too furturistic and my old one (named Mellie today by my best friend Kelly) is a better fit for vintage clothing. So now I am in the process of taking new and old pictures on my mannequin Mellie. My studio is in disarray, but certainly worth it for the love of vintage.

as you can see my lovely Mellie in in front of the clothes racks, getting ready to be used again.

I am adding this lovely 1960's plaid suit to the shop today, here is a sneak peak.

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