Thursday, January 7, 2010

Shop Update

I love when I find the perfect items to add to the House of Le'Moore collection! During the holidays I was so sick but I did manage to get out once and when I did boy oh boy was it worth it. Well not really because I was sicker than before I left the house. LOL the price we pay for a passion. Anyway I found pieces that I could not resist and even some new ones with tags as well. I just added some to the shop and more coming today so stay tuned! There is a dress that I stumbled upon that is out of this world but for some reason I can't get it to sit properly on either one of my mannequins so I have to figure out another avenue. But the dress is brown and cream neutrals with tiers of ruffles at the bottom just waiting for the red carpet I wish. LOL Here is a pick of it but it will not be in the shop until a later date girls.

Gown bottom half sneak peak

Just added nwt school girl skirt

 1970's hippie dress

1950's Rockabilly skirt LOVE IT!!!

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