Wednesday, May 6, 2015

How To Wear Short Shorts And Still Look Presentable

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     I know some of you ladies and girls like short shorts because I do too! But what do you wear with them and still look presentable? With fashion the fun thing is that you have choices and you can play with your looks. Wearing short shorts is an art that has to be mastered at a certain age in my opinion. I like to wear them with a long enough top or blazer to cover up some of the skin. This white shingle top is the perfect answer because it is long, but still has that open effect so that the shorts will still be seen. You can complete the look with a hobo bag, but I choose the clutch for a dressier approach. The same goes for the pumpkin heels, flats are an option if you decide to wear a slouch or hobo bag. Top it off with your shades and you're done!

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