Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Brown and Blue

You know I love the colors brown and blue and I wish that I could have decorated my table with these colors for the holiday, but unfortunately hubby and I spent too much on Christmas gifts this year that I had to decline my decor joy. We will just have a small party of about 10 people for Christmas this year. I am cooking so of course it will be hectic for me, wrapping gifts, cooking early, getting the house ready, and tending to the boutique will be a task. Here are just a few items on my wish list that I wanted to use on  my table, as gift boxes, invites, and decor for the holiday season.
Party invite

gift boxes

place cards

take home box

all so cute, but  I guess better luck next year!!! Secret, I already bought decorations in blue and brown that my hubby does not know about for our new bathroom!!! LOL

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