Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Me and My BFF!!! Girls Night Out!

So my BFF of 20 years and I decided to hit the city Friday night for laughs, food, and drinks! We had a fabulous time as always! My BFF Kamisha, well some call her Mish found this wonderful spot called Natsumi. We had a bottle of white wine and sushi, I could not have been more pleased! It is so funny how life is. I would have never imagined having a bff that is more like a sister from another mother and be just alike in so many ways. We both were tired of our furs so we cut the sleeves off and transformed them into a completely different look. We both live, eat, and breathe fashion. I can remember times when we would shop all day long every Saturday and not worry about a bite to eat until the evening time. Then we would bring all of our fashion finds back to my house and model them for my mom. Wow! Well times have changed but we are still in love with Fashion! Back to our evening which we topped it off at Bar 89 in Soho for scrumptious Watermelon Martinis!! I love girls night out!

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