Thursday, June 23, 2011

Vintage Inspired Glasses by Warby Parker

 As you all know I love all that is vintage and vintage inspired, so when I stumbled upon this website Warby Parker I was in heaven!. Well not for myself personally, but for my mom. She is in need of glasses and keeps wearing these frumpy old frames. My mom helps me every Friday at my studio with all aspects of the business, but can't see to save her life.

Warby Parker glasses are vintage inspired and are fabulous. I love that they have the option for you to actually try them on at home. They will ship up to five pairs and you can try them for five days. This option is free of charge and risk free! What do you have to loose?

There is something more beautiful about this company besides the glasses, the donations. Warby Parker has a programs where they will donate a pair of glasses to people in countries that do not have access to eye care for every pair that is bought. So far they have donated more that 50,000 pairs

My favorites are the purple and black glaess from the Wiloughby Collection . Fabulous and perfect for my mom!

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