Thursday, March 31, 2011

Miami Style Decor

Over the past months I have been working with a design client who loves Miami (me too) and wants parts of her home to mirror the decor and life style of that wonderful city. She wanted her bathroom pink and aqua marine colors!!!!! That was a task to find the marine color but the pink was no problem. So of all places I stumbled upon the marine color (Walmart)!!!!!!!!! Can you imagine? My mother was with me and we were sooooo happy that I can finally get the project started now that the color was found. So I incorporated sea shells, sand, blue beads in a large glass vase and it came out fabulous. For the walls I found small, medium, and large silver and pink reflective mirror adhesives. The lighting I purchased from HomeGoods, which was a cut out silver design cylinder lamp that I placed on top of the toilet for sexiness! I think that it came out nice and vibrant and it was just what she wanted.

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