Monday, November 16, 2009

Michelle Obama In Jcrew, To be or Not to Be

I spotted Michelle Obama on wearing this teal colored vintage inspired JCrew coat, and a fabulous pair of flat riding boots. She looks beautiful, fashionable, and comfy, now some would say that she can do away with the belt. I say that she can wear the belt but just not so high up on her waist and maybe close the coat. Other than that I see nothing wrong with the outfit.  Michelle's style is classic, but I love to see her in vintage clothing rather that Jcrew. Maybe because I am a vintage clothes lover and love the fact that you can wear a piece of clothing that you will likely not see your next door neighbor wearing!


Lagelle said...

Michelle loves a cinched waist! I do think perhaps a skinny belt perhaps might have done it anyway she is a classic & I luv how she supports local businesses btw thanx 4 ur visit & comment on my blog! ;-)

Fern said...

I LOVE how she dresses. I could watch photos of her attire all day! :) She's so pretty. JCrew ROCKS!